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Property Under Quality Review

hi all i would to get any comments from you all about the property quality review. i have registered my hotel in October Mid 2019, i am unable to go live till now as the helpline people are helpless to tell me that why i am not live till now. through my extranet, message is displayed that a letter has been issued to property address and it will contain 6 unique digits to confirm the location. anyone can guide me how long i have to wait for that. Thanks 

Isle of Wight …

You could receive that letter in a few days. You might never receive it.

If you haven't received it in 7 days, log in to your extranet and request it again .... and again .... and again ....

Community Admin

Dear emile matar! Thanks for posting in the Community!


We are sorry to hear that you were unable to verify the location of your property for so long.


Please check if the address of your property is correct and complete (all parts of the address are added). 

If its correct, please request another letter on the Home page of your Extranet.

If the address is incomplete, please send us a message with the correct address via your Extranet Inbox. We will update your property address and resend a letter.


You can find out more about Location verification process here:


Best regards!

emile matar

Community Admin  hi thanks for the help dear, but still i am unable to get verified, my address is correct & i have requested three times for letter of location verification. is there any alternative way to get live. appreciate your response. Thanks Emile

Isle of Wight …

Send a message to via your extranet and ask for Alternative Verification. They can arrange for a video call for you to show them in and around the property.

If that is not possible, you will need 10 reviews on any other OTA such as AirBnB, TripAdvisor or HomeAway. may phone you up, ask you to log in to one of those accounts and make a change to the listing, such as the title.

If you are losing money now, you should set up on AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway to get bookings coming in while you wait for to get you set up.


Brandon McCray

So I managed to list my property on I started receiving reservations and inquiries and then all of a sudden randomly decided to do a quality review on my property and made my listing unbookable. I called and admin stated this would take five days and that they would keep me updated.

It is now been about 13 days later and they still have me as unbookable. They never kept me posted I have to constantly call them. They tell me that they have a backlog of properties to review and until they get round to me all bookings and payments will be suspended!!! Which begs the question: why would they still randomly be selecting properties to undergo a review when they have a massive backlog?

So incredibly frustrating and half the call staff is clueless. It really doesn't seem fair that can call me a 'partner' but then do something like this without any regard to the consequences I may face. What's worse is that quality they have no idea of when or how long such a quality review could take.

I am not enjoying this 'partnership' and will be looking at alternative ways to rent my property that doesn't involve 'partnership' with