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Property verified and nightsbridge connected but property still shows as closed/not bookable

Property eventually verified and nightsbridge connected yet property still shows as closed/not bookable.

I sent a message and was told to reset the room status, but how do I do that?

Jessie & Jay (…

Hi Silvia,

I am only guessing here but I would try signing in to your BDC extranet ( Then select Rates & Availability from the top of the page. Then select Open/Close rooms. Then Close All Rooms and then Open All rooms. If that doesn't work I would go reach out to BDC support using the phone number that can be found under the extranet --> InBox --> Messages. Look for the local phone number in the lower right side of the screen.

Hope all goes well,


Silvia Black

Thanks Jay, I did contact BDC support via inbox and received a screenshot of the calendar with 5,6,7 October showing as sold out and told to reset it but with no further instructions. Next to the settings button it says HTLM not editable.

Silvia Black

Have just received another message from BDC support, all I had to do was go to nightsbridge and check and publish the STO rates. Success at last.