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I start saying that I'm not skilled in using smartphone and have no apps on my phone. I'm trying to install the app Pulse and the configuration menu asks me to pay (by credit card, paypal or others) or to insert a insert code. Do I have to pay for installing the app or being a Booking partner I should have a code to insert? If I have to pay, how much is it? And is it safe to put my credit card data in here? If I have to insert a code, where do I get this code? Thanks to however will answer

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Nerocomescrivi and welcome to the forum. Very awkward situation. What country are you from??? Never heard that someone has paid for pulse app. I personally never have been asked to pay. I got it free. Are you trying to upload the right app???
Wish you luck.

2 months ago