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Q: How to change my property type?

 My property is a house with 3 different rooms. The terrace for example is shared; where do I specify that? 
I already built the rooms, but the problem is that when checking each one's amenities, I can't check the terrace, living room or kitchen's boxes, because they're all shared! 

Also, how do I change my property type from hotel to inn? 

Thank you, 
Widad :) 


Jessie & Jay (…

Hi Widad,

We are operating a B&B in Canada and use a channel manager which may affect how we interface with the (BDC) extranet interface. I was unable to find any reference to "Property Type" settings in our settings. I would suggest you contact BDC directly. From the extranet go to the Messages tab and then select Messages, then on the left side there is a button labeled "Compose a new message". Optionally you could call BDC support directly by calling the phone number listed under the "Compose a new message" button on the same page.

Hope you get it all sorted out.

Jay & Jessie