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Query about Booking Com double bookings

We keep getting double bookings on a property Booking Com have already booked.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Can you elaborate?

Like, do you advertise one room and the same room gets booked twice on Or do you get a booking from and from another platform?

More information is better so we can help :-)


I am also needing to know the answer to this question, we have 2 rooms to choose from and twice now people have been able to book the same rooms to stay in and have had the bookings confirmed by When I check on the calendar there seems to be very few of the bookings showing up, which would therefore allow someone else to book the room. Once a room is booked is it not automatically marked as "booked" on the calendar, June


Ive been having the same issue as well. I only have 1 listing- a studio unit. April 26-28 has already been booked on last August..Today the same dates has been booked again. Booking and Agoda are partners and calendar is supposed to sync but booked& blocked dates in are still being booked via agoda and vice versa. Worst part is they still charge commission for the said dates even though exceptions apply.

Leandri Klopper

Hey everyone,

Oh boy. Okay, so this sounds like a technical issue.

My only suggestion is to phone a friend at to ask them if they are experiencing technical issues.

Stringybarkhills , once a booking is made on it does get removed from your calendar if you only have 1 room added. If however you don't have a Channel manager, and a room gets booked on whatever other platform, then you need to manually remove it from

Sorry wish I could be of more assistance.

Bana Kittani

Hello there, i just noticed that i have a double booking on the same property, one made in June and another in August for the same dates in Dec.

What should i do?