Rate per night or per day?


I've jut add a property for rent on Booking and I'm a bit confused by the rates per night.

I've set a rate of 160€/night for weekends and a rate of 95€/nigh for weekdays. 

However, when I simulate the stay calculation for a weekend, I've 160€ + 95€, instead of 160€ x 2.

How does it work exactly? According to me, for a weekend from Friday to Sunday (2 nights) you have to set the price of the Friday (night) and Saturday (night) isn't it?

Thanks in avance for any help!





You have posted this on the Partner Forum but I think you would be better to contact the booking.com help team for this.  They will be able to look at the rest of your setup and see what the problem is.


Hi THe simple answer is your starting rates set on the calendar for any day is auto adjusted based on various features and discounts, if they are enabled...such as : Mobile Users get X% off

Genius Members get another x% off

Promotions for X%


These can stack... example a mobile genius member can get as much as 20% while using the mobile app. You can turn these off and on in the various policies and opportunities sections.