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Received a booking reservation even though we have specifically booked out on our availability calendar the period guest has booked how do i cancel the booking email the guests direct

Question urgently as we have only just registered with and received a weekend full of wonderful guests who are still enjoying their experience here at la Chabotterie in France however to my dismay i clicked on a new reservation to see that in the dates that we have deliberately closed off in red as instructed a new booking has come for a weekend when we are not here on the premises but back in the UK do not understand how a booking can still be made when the calendar specifically says we are closed ? How do i cancel the reservation as it is not professional to do so but we are away ? help urgently please.

kind regards Suzanne Powell La Chabotterie


Dear Suzanne here in respect of the question above ...a newcomer that is receiving wonderful bookings but NEEDS HER GLASSES ON as the dates are fine as it is the previous weekend we are not here apologies i do not know how to remove the post but it is a great feeling to know you are all out there for support ...experienced as a host but not in computer interaction !! thank you all happy hosting Suzanne Powell x

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Glad to hear you are all sorted!

Remember you can always contact your Account Manager with queries like the one you thought you had. Just go to your extranet, messages and their details will be there.

Best of Luck!