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Regarding Unique code

It shows to enter unique code but I didn't receive any unique code yet please help

Greenapple Res…

#Zsolt I found it at the home page I registered my property yesterday only and today they showed to enter a unique code that they sent through mail but I didnt receive any mail regarding that

Thuild - Your …

Oh yes, the location verification mail.

You will need to wait until the postal service delivers it to you.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

If your property has not been verified by yet, keep in mind that it takes quite a while. If you didn't receive a Phone call from them yet then it's probable that they haven't sent a letter to you yet.

Right underneath the Block where you need to fill in the code (once you have it), there is a hyperlink that says "I have not received my code yet.". I find clicking that speeds up the whole process as will put you in contact with a specialist.

Your property can also be verified without the code if you have it listed on Airbnb provided it has 10 reviews on it.

Best of luck!


i cant find out unique code in my mail plz anybody help me to find where it will be