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Registered twice one and the same property

Dear All,


I have just joined the booking come, but accidentally I registered one and the same property twice, I can not delete the one I do not want, Could you please help me? Property code is : ***


Thank you in advance


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Nino sorry for your struggles but since this is only a Partner Community you have to send your message request through your Extranet Inbox tab directly to Support team.

Wish you well.

Kapil Sood

I have booked the same property twice because in one booking I had entered wrong credicrcardcdetails  Now I cancelled one booking. Please confirm if I have to submit the credit cards details again ticket number 4049 


Hello Kapil Sood! Thanks for posting in Partners Community. Could you, please, specify what you mean. Do you mean you book a property or do you mean your property was booked?