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Registered twice one and the same property

Dear All,


I have just joined the booking come, but accidentally I registered one and the same property twice, I can not delete the one I do not want, Could you please help me? Property code is : ***


Thank you in advance


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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi! Nino sorry for your struggles but since this is only a Partner Community you have to send your message request through your Extranet Inbox tab directly to Support team.

Wish you well.

Kapil Sood 2 years ago

I have booked the same property twice because in one booking I had entered wrong credicrcardcdetails  Now I cancelled one booking. Please confirm if I have to submit the credit cards details again ticket number 4049 

2 years ago

Hello Kapil Sood! Thanks for posting in Partners Community. Could you, please, specify what you mean. Do you mean you book a property or do you mean your property was booked?