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Good afternoon!

Please help register the object. At the last stage of registration, I receive a message: In accordance with the law, B.V. It is forbidden to conduct business with countries, parties and / or persons with respect to whom sanctions / embargoes have been imposed by the USA / EU / UN / Netherlands.

What should I do in this case?

Thanks you!


Hi Малашук Татьяна


I suspect the reason no one has yet replied is due to the lack of detail you supplied.


Perhaps state where  city,country you are based in as a clue to what or if it is indeed not allowed. I was not aware there was such a list.

You can use the Contact Us feature to obtain the email and or phone number for BDC support in order to speak to a Partner Support Advisor to clarify.

Or perhaps post a screen shot of the message so we can understand better.


Kind Regards.