registration of appartment


i have a problem with registration my appartment in Odessa at booking.com


On the final stage i have only message "you are almost there" and site freezes( Please,help!

My login is ***


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Hi Julia, 

 First welcome , second remove email address. Community Guidelines

You are only addressing partners and community team , not BdC support.


  • purge browser cache - CTRL+F5  
  • what browser were you using? assuming your using an actual PC and not trying to do this on a portable device. mobile browsers have limitations.  
  • if only one browser and same ,try another: chrome, firefox, new Microsoft Edge ,Safari etc


Kind Regards


julia krizhevskaya

hi! i did it on my Pc in Chrome. I cleared the cache -doesnt work

I also reboot my computer tried in Chrome again - didnt work

Then Ive launched Internet Exploree - didnt work.I think it is problem on your site.Also i tried to connect my calendar on booking with calendar on airnb.Maybe this cause the problem?

julia krizhevskaya

Hi.registration of my appartment stucked on the final stage.the same happens on PC and phone. Nothing that other tech support guy advices me helped. Please,do something!