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Rental Agreements/Booking Forms and Data Protection



I hope someone can help.  These questions are related to private bookings that I may get, not bookings through Booking.com.  So I hope this post is allowed.


I’m new to the industry and finding it really difficult to find any help/support, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it?


We’ve just opened a two person holiday let and my questions are:


  1. Do I need to provide guests with a rental agreement and where could I find a template?
  2. Do I need to provide guests with a booking form and where could I find a template?
  3. Do I need to register with the Data Protection Act?


I’m really lost with all of this and have been passed from pillow to post, so any help would be much appreciated.


Kind regards



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Hi Kim,


As you have not completed your profile , the property link URL is missing, it is hard to say without knowing where you even are based.


  1. In general no, a verbial agreement ca nbe fine. but if your country/city has a rent book system that you can purchase at local stationery type store then it might be best to get those, in dublin  IE thats what we have. Alternatively simply google for letting agreement template, print 2 copies and sign both.  
  2. Booking Form - I'm guessing this is more of a how do i book and what info I need to share in order to book directly.  I would keep it simple. make own template based on that.  
  3. DPA, there is no such thing as a registration. nothing to do here. the gist of GDPR for EU is, only store the data you need; keep it for x months; then destroy it


8 months ago