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Request a guest to make a free cancellation

Dear Fellows,

I'm a new host on in Budapest, Hungary.

I have recently received a message from the authorities that my property will be under construction in a few days. Unfortunately, I have a booking from a guest at that period of time. I have tried to contact the guest to ask for a request of free cancellation which I have already made. My request is still pending so far, but the problem is I can't reach the guests. I have just dropped him a message on but it has been almost a day without seeing any signal of answer from my guests.

Is there any chance if I could cancel that reservation by myself? It's an emergency case and I really have no idea how to do.

Thanks for your help.



Ilaria - Commu…
3 years ago

Hi Htp Ul812,

Welcome to the partner Forum!

Sorry to see that another partner wasn't able to help.

We have a full article in our Partner Help Centre on How to Cancel a Reservation with different case scenarios. It is possible for you to initiate a cancellation request if guests ask you too or when there are issues with their payments.

Good luck with everything!