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How to change the reservation to the original date for the guest, due to the previous guest's check-out?


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Jasleen - Acco… 2 months ago



Hello Drevenica,


You can make changes to a reservation date up to when a guest checks in and for all types of reservations, except for cancelled or Smart Flex reservations. Changing reservation dates yourself is possible under these conditions:

  • Payment was managed by Payments by or the property has at least one rate level inventory item
  • The reservation isn’t marked as an overbooking
  • The new check-in date can’t be in the past, unless payment was managed outside of Payments by
  • The length of stay and price remains the same

Follow these steps to change a reservation date:

  1. Log into the extranet or Pulse app
  2. Click on Reservations and select the reservation you want to change the dates of
  3. Click on Change reservation dates and add the new check-in and check-out dates under Select new dates
  4. Click on Change dates to finalise

Your guest will receive an email with the details of the date-change request after you've completed the steps above. Keep in mind that we don’t check your calendar for availability. Instead, we'll automatically open availability to enable the date change.


Hope this helps. :)