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Reservation cancelled

Good afternoon.   

We had our first cancellation in which the conditions states that the customer must pay the full amount of the reservation if he cancels at any time. Will we still receive? Do we have to pass the invoice to the customer anyway?






Hi Mario


So you left out important details, when does the guest pay and to whom.


If the guest prepaid BdC on booking checkout, then either you have BdC Online Payments for VCC or Payments By Booking enabled.


In those two cases, the funds are held by BdC and the system will pay you as per the cancellation policy configured.


However in scenario 3, the default of  guest does not prepay on booking, and instead on arrival on check-in day, then you are out of luck.

You will not be getting paid anything. Your only course of action is to use the Report Feature and then block them from future bookings.

If they cancel in any scenario you do not send an invoice. is free for doing online invoicing, if you need something.


Kind regards.