Restricting Check in Days



We are just setting up our Glamping site on here for the first time so we are still figuring out how to set things up. I have done most of the configuration but am having a real problem trying to restrict check in days to specific days of the week. I have read the article in the help section https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/reservations/how-can-i-set-specific-days-check but I cannot see the No Arrivals restriction on the expanded room rate section just the 3 shown below. I have tried different calendar views but with no luck. Am I missing something? TIA



Helen Sandwell

I am presuming the calendar type is set by the view i.e. list view, monthly, yearly and I have changed all these views but still no "No Arrivals" option - is there another calendar type available at the back end set by admin or type of accomodation?

Isle of Wight …

I switched views but it's still not there - so looks like there is another calendar type that is set by admins or for another type of accommodation

I bet you could ask Booking.com support again and again and be told there is only one calendar type, even though that page says different ....