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Restricting Days between bookings

I am new to and have synced my calendar with Airbnb. I have just received a booking which does not give me any time between a booking and a current Airbnb booking - they check out and in on the same day. Unfortunately, I need 24 hours between bookings. How do I manage this? My Airbnb calendar is set to stop this from happening. How do I do this between multiple calendars?





Hi Jane Wright


Warning : ical sync on BdC is not reliable and does not work as you may be thinking.


Its only available for a room type with a count of <2 , i.e. 1.


I strongly recommend you do not try to sync AirBNB with BdC , unless you sign up for a 3rd party  Channel Manager service, as it is the only safe and 99% guaranteed way to avoid overbookings.


as for blocking between or before and or after a new booking , thats up to you to do manually.

you could install pulse phone app as a quick way to do it.


Kind Regards

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