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Reviewing / verification of Property prior to coming online

Over 5 weeks ago I listed my property, I am still awaiting the completion of the review and I have not heard from

How long does the reviewing take and what is the process of review.

My property is in Pakistan, does the review process and time required vary from location to location.  

Is there any way to contact



Did you receive by post a verification code then activate the web portal dashboard aka extranet?

After doing that on home page thereafter option called Make Live or similar.



Yes scroll down to bottom,under Partner Help, click on contact us.


Dont bother with email option instead use and find nearest region phone number.


In my experience it doesn't take 5 week or any where near that long , so best to make contact see if any thing outstanding.

Also check out the links under Join below too


Kind regards

Ps: dont forget to link your listing once live to your profile so we can reference it in future questions

a Khan

Hi Barry


Thank you for your response. I have not received any verification code. 

I will try calling the nearest country