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Room occupancy restrictions

I have a family room that sleeps 4, how do i limit it to 2 adults and 2 children only? I have a booking for 4 adults and I do not want that many adults staying in one room?

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

That is not a pleasant situation.

Have you already confirmed the booking? And are the two children's bed smaller?

You can contact the guest and explain.

Describe in your listing who you host to : Two adults only Two children.

Make a picture of two adults and two children, take a photo of it and attach it to your list of photos you have already.

If you find that difficult ask someone to help you with the drawing. Keep it simple, or use photo of barbie doll as example.

That may give people a clear message. You can do the same with the drawing of the beds. Sometimes people don't read at all, only look at pictures and book. At least then they have seen the pictures and you are not to blame.

There are a few possibilities given in the extranet as to how to tell people too.

Hope you get it solved quickly and smoothly.


Aaltje B.