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round and round in circles

Hi, is there anybody from who reads these threads and could answer us please? Our experience with you guys has been an absolute shambles so just need to know if you'd like our business or started weeks and weeks and weeks ago, We listed 2 gites with yourselves so waited 2 weeks for the codes to arrive to confirm location....2 weeks later, codes, phoned yourselves again to be told they would resend, again no codes arrived. more phone calls being passed around departments to be told that somebody would video call us to confirm location, when we asked when, we were told within the next 10 days.....10 days later,...NO phone call.....more phone calls getting passed around different people who were not at all helpful and could not advise us what to do. Another week goes by hearing nothing so we phoned back up to be told that we can upload a video to confirm our properties so we log into extranet to see a video upload tab....(although it was only on one of the properties we thought it was a start)...So we upload a video and get a message saying somebody will view the video and get back to us if you need anything else......2 weeks later and still nothing has changed. can somebody who actually cares about your business explain please?  We listed our gites with VRBO the day after trying to list with you and have had 3 families already come and go with plenty of bookings for later in the year. 

Derek Rule

I think people from the organisation just read these posts for a laugh.  If you are lucky you will get a response from somebody telling you that your post won't be actioned but to contact Support.  I confess that I personally haven't had any problems (yet) although I see many posts from people who have.  I thought this "community" was similar to the AirBnB one where there are some quite lively and useful discussions, but I seldom see any responses in this - perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

Melanie Gibbons

Thanks Derek, I'd have thought with the pandemic last year they would have been keen to drum up some new business but obviously not.