Sales Report or Earnings Report


I just want to know how to run a sales report or earnings report here in booking.com


Thank you


M Adamopoulou

Hi Ronalyn, nice to have you here in this Community...

In your Extranet you can find Finance and Statistics...I think you will find what you want.

Wish you Well.

Ronalyn Vergara


Actually I didn't find the sales report there, finance and analytics don't run the sales report. It just has the  analytics dashboard, sales stats, but not the earnings/sales report According to support, it's thru webdirect BackOffice. But I can't access it. 




Community Admin

Hi Ronalyn Vergara! Thanks for posting in the Community! 

In order to check the sales report, please go to "Analytics" tab and choose "Sales Statistics". There you can choose different filters in order to build your sales report. On the top of the page there is also a button "Print" if you wish to print or download the report. 

If your property is still too new to Booking.com, it might be that statistics are not available yet, but no worries, the system will update it soon. 

Good luck!

Absolute Water…

So the question hasn't been answered has it? I really think you could make it much easier for us users to DOWNLOAD the report. ie not PRINT the report.

Why is there no DOWNLOAD button available in this day and age?


And I am NOT new to Booking.com