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I've just listed my five self-catering cottages on the site and have a question about the 'number of rooms' filter when a customer searches for accommodation on Booking.com.

My cottages are set up as separate properties on Booking.com and if I take one of the two-bedroom cottages as an example, this is set up as having two-bedrooms (a double and a bunk) and in the calendar page I have set the number of 'Rooms to Sell' as '1'. I figured otherwise Booking.com may think I have 2 of the same cottage and allow customers to book them twice.

My issue is that if I search on Booking.com as if I were a potential customer I would enter something like: 2 'Adults', 2 'Children' and 2 'Rooms' as I would interpret this as meaning the adults and children were going to sleep in separate rooms. If I do this, none of my cottages appear because there's obviously only one of each of them and each has 2 bedrooms.

It's like the search function treats 'Rooms' as in hotel rooms rather than bedrooms within a single property.

Other people must have come across the same issue. Is there a solution so I don't miss out on appearing in search results if someone selects multiple rooms?



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Can you please link the properties or one of them to your profile, thanks.


I can see what you mean.

I think the solution is to sell as whole unit with two rooms and each have a max occupancy set as 2, but a count of 1 each.


Maybe have a look when searching for similar properties and see which are different on the results when looking at the room , as that might also give a clue



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How To Link property in Partner Profile





8 months ago
Stephen Ballantyne


Thanks for the reply. I've linked one of my properties to my profile and I'll have a look at how other places nearby deal with this problem. Not sure how to do what you've suggested as I'm just getting used to the Booking.com settings (lots more options than Airbnb!)



8 months ago
Community Admin

Dear Stephen Ballantyne! Thanks for posting in the Community!


In the described by you above situation it is important to set up "rooms to sell" as 1 (1 cottage = 1 room to sell).


Your property will appear in search result when the guest chooses 2 rooms (as your property has 2 bedrooms) - we've checked it on the website too.


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8 months ago