Set Minimum Stay

Hi, im new to Booking.com, and ive listed my holiday let, but im getting single night bookings and with a cleaning charge, its not worth having a one night stay, i need to set it to two nights, can you help?


You have a couple of options

1. Increase nightly charge so single nights are worth having.  Then set a Promotion with a discount for 2 or more nights.

2.  In Rates, Calendar, use List view.  On left hand side open up to see additional lines re Minimum stay.  You can use the Bulk edit to update minimum stay for all dates.  If you don't see the additional lines contact booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet and ask them to open hidden lines.


Also useful if you are running this yourself and a small business is the possible Hidden line that can Block a Check In or Departure but will allow guests staying over those days.  So you could stop someone checking in on Christmas day.