Shows sold out wrongly

Shows sold out wrongly, it is because of check in time.. can anyone help in change the time of check in

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I see no one has responded here.

I don't know what to say about it showing sold out wrongly but I can advise you where to create set in stone check in and check out times.

Under the Property tab select Policies. Under Guest Information you can create a policy that can tell your guests when they can check and out, it even shows on the booking that they agree to the terms.

Hope this helps!


Your property will show up on BDC guest searches on that evening as 'sold out' after the check-in times have passed.

As Leandri says make sure your Check-in and check-out times are correct in Guest Information.


Hi there. Very happy to have a chat, specially when I need help lol. I've updated the check in and check out but property still sold out on site. I'm not happy :-(

Specially when support needs to come from the site.

Thank you


You could just add availability. Have you had a cancellation that has knocked your availability? You can also set the system to automatically replace availability after a cancellation.

Is it showing sold out as a single date, a short range of dates, the entire calendar....?