sold out ?? technical issue in my new page

I have open my booking.com account today and now my property ( apartment ) is like to be SOLD OUT but is not !!!

What is going on ?? can somebody change this wrong status ??!!!!!!


Thuild - Your …

Dear Baruch,

You have a minimum stay of 2 nights activated, therefore whenever you search for 1 night, it will appear as sold out/unavailable.

Other than that, your availability is working fine if you search for 2+ nights in any period.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com

Iago chapidze

hello everyone , i listed my property on booking.com but when someone trying to book it seems like the property is already booked and sold out , but for real it isn't , can you help me to solve this problem?What is going on with my page..why my page atomically goes on sold out mode?