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i'm new here.

i managed to list my 2 properties but i want them seperated. is there any way to do that simpel or must i cancel 1 and start all over again?

to be more specific; i have 1 1bedroom house and 1 3 bedroomhouse.

when you search, you find them both under the same advertisement which i dont want.


thank you.


Account Adviso…

Hi paulette van Wijk,


Are both properties listed at the same address? If so, it may be easier for you to manage them both under one listing. If they are located at different addresses, you will need to create a new listing for the second property. Close the availability of one of the houses in the current listing and follow the steps under 'Add new property" at the bottom of the Extranet page to create the listing. This will be the quickest way as we can't 'split' your current listing.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

paulette van Wijk

helo Shirley,


thank you for your respond. yes, both properties are on the same adress but i dont want them under 1 listing.

if someone searches for 2 persons, my 3 bedroomhouse will not be seen unless klicked on the 1 bedroomhouse.

i will therefor close 1 of the houses and create a new one.

kind regards,