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support service havent replied yet

I joined as the partner last year. haven't got any guest, one booking was canceled, one hasn't (but guest haven't appeared).

Since I've learned that wants to broke partnership du unpaid commission (for nothing), I've sent few emails, also in the extranet. no answer more than a month (when its offered as 24 hr reaction...)

also wasn't possible to reach finance dep to solve this problem until this moment. I've talked nicely with the operator during 18 mins, but with no result

That's sad, as i was the very loyal client as a guest, but now really not satisfied as host, even not started 


You should have marked the booking as no-show and you would not be charged for the commission.


thanx, i saw this., but it was late... and they left me alone

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I've learnt that is mostly understanding as long as you have contact with them. I'm sure if you can prove that you have corresponded with them, then maybe they might not charge the commission on this booking that was a no-show. They do however, legally have a foot to stand on because it's in the Partnership contract that it's your responsibility to mark the guest as a no-show.

Their numbers always work, a consultant always answers. If that consultant can't assist, they will inform you that someone else will contact you. At that point you need to keep an eye on your phone because they normally respond within the next two hours.

Best of luck!