Syncing calendars with other calendars

Good day to everyone!  can't sync my booking.com calendar because it does not show the link for export/import. Moreover, we are complying with this since I just created this account:

  • A property with 20 room types or less, and a maximum of 1 unit per room type.
  • A property that doesn’t use XML connectivity services like property management systems (PMS) or channel managers.

What seems to be the problem?

Community Admin

Hello Tawin Homestay Siargao! Thanks for posting in the Community! In case that in the past you had your rooms merged into one type and then you split them, the feature of synchronization might take longer than usual to appear in your account. We would advise you to send us a message via your Extranet Inbox in order for us to be able to look more into it. Best of luck!

Isle of Wight …

Send a message to Booking.com from your Extranet asking them to provide calendar sync for you. But be aware that Booking.com calendar sync does not work properly - it is broken. If you read through the community you will see lots of people complaining about calendar sync and double bookings. So, even if you set it up, always block manually. If you get a booking on Booking.com, block manually on other OTAs, and vice versa. Do not rely on Booking.com calendar sync to work properly.


strongly agree - Do not rely on Booking.com calendar sync to work properly.  


In fact I would strongly recommend you only use one OTA unless you can have someone 24/7 to sit at a computer and monitor bookings across them all and quickly block on the opposite OTAs.



I too tried others the same week i started and in the end decided it was too many too soon, so i disabled listing on the other OTAs for now.


And since we are human and have to sleep and go about our own lives and cannot be monitoring the phone app or email for bookings 24/7 it just not practical.




Kind Regards A fellow HomeStay Host


Tawin Homestay…

May I know if you use any operating system for your bookings? Because I also use airbnb and agoda.