Tag as "Holiday Home" (Green tag)

Hi, can anybody help me? 

I'm trying to change my listing Highlands Norfolk Island so that the little green tag comes up (both in the search engine and one the left next to the title once you click into the listing) to say that it is a HOLIDAY HOME.

I can see that some of my competitors have this tag. Mine is definitely a Holiday home, but the tag coming up on mine is grey and it says GUEST HOUSE, which it's not.

What have I done wrong and where can I change this? I have tried changing the Room Type in Room Details. It is listed it as a Vacation Home (Six bedroom Vacation Home).

Is that wrong?

thank you!

M Adamopoulou

Dear Daniela welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Property tab scroll down to find View your description. There you can request the changes you want to be made.

Wish you luck. 


To change the category of the property, you will need to contact your account manager. 

Daniela Cristofaro

Thanks for this. I have no idea who my account manager is or how to find out - any ideas? I live on a small island where they cannot seem to dial my number and get through. Is there an email address?


Extranet -> Inbox -> Booking.com messages -> on the right side there are contact numbers. 

You can also send a message to BDC via extranet "compose a new message".