Hello, I am the owner of a small apartment that I have for vacation rental, I have received my draft of the income statement, there is part of the money I have received from airbnb.com from clients who have stayed in my apartment, plus that It appears as data that I must incorporate. But there is no sign that the Spanish administration has the data from Booking.com or the money I have received through booking.com. Is this normal? Can you explain how I should declare my income and pay my taxes in Spain on the money received through Booking.com? Can it be done through the tax declaration or is it a separate declaration to pay VAT? Does booking.com report the money that has been transferred to me to the Spanish tax authorities? Does Booking.com directly transfer VAT money to the Spanish authorities?  Do I have to do it? If yes, how do I have to declare VAT? Could booking.com take care of managing and paying for me the taxes that have to be paid on my behalf, especially VAT? How?

Thank you


You have posted this on the partner forum.  Unfortunately we are not tax experts.  If you want to know if booking.com supplies this information to the Spanish authorities then you should email the help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet.  However, when it comes to who and how should be managing your taxes and VAT then I would think that is your responsibility as the owner of the property.  If you need assistance you will need to employ a local tax accountant.