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Tennant warning

This is a warning for you all there is a man booking apartments on the site and having massive parties which he is charging entry fee. My brand new apartment got totally trashed at the weekend. I looked on face book he had been advertising a party at my apartment since weeks. Posting photos of my apartment and it's address. He has done this many times before and planning the next party online. Please do not accept any booking from this man.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Wow, that's incredible. One can't think that people would do that... I'm so sorry to hear that and thank you for your warning!

I hope you reported this to

Best of luck!


Hi thank you for your reply. Yes I've reported this to booking companies. I hope they will block him. But thought I should warn all users just incase he managed to book another apartment . He says online he wants to make the news on his next party. He wants his name out there and is not shy about it.

M Adamopoulou

Lyndas4. My goodness that’s awful. Thanks a lot for warning us. I also hope they block him.

Donna Luxford

I see the mans name has now gone. If has removed it then that is a shame as we now wont know who to look out for.


Yes that is a shame the name was removed. Lyndas4 would have received a message from the BDC forum moderator(s) if it was them.


What country are we talking about here? I presume if we are in different countries we can ignore this?

Leandri Klopper

Akwador ,

Well Lyndas4 did say this person is quite load about how he is going to host a massive party. So perhaps that's a tell :-P Anyone who tells me they want to host a party, I send through to the operations at the resort so that they can be moderated.


Funnily enough this guest did not tell me he was planning a massive party and inviting 100s of people round via face book advertising. He told me he was there for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend. The police were called out three times that evening by neighbours. The police informed me they could not get entry into my appartment as the 100s of men that were there were so aggressive. My appartment was newly built and cost thousanda to repair. Please dont fall into the same trap . These people know exactly what they arw doing they do it every weekend. They are charging entry fee and charging for drinks they are running a business from other people's appartments. Win no consideration to the destruction they leave behind

Leandri Klopper

Hey again,

Oh sorry Lyndas4, must have misunderstood.

It's probably not viable to check Facebook and all the social media before allowing a guest to check in? For smaller properties it might not be a bad idea though.

Shame, I'm really sorry to hear that though.

Best of luck with everything!