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Tips on how to respond to breaches of 'no parties' policy

Hi Everyone, 

I'm three months into my first year on BDC and I'm also incredibly new to the world of hospitality. 

In my policy, I state that I do not accept stag/hen parties, nor parties in general. I have an upcoming booking for my family room which accommodates four - typically a couple and two children. However, I have noticed that the booking states it's for four adults so naturally I'm now thinking it's a party who has ignored my policy. 

How would you approach this? Any advice would be appreciated. 

~ Jay


Hi Laura, many thanks for your reply, it's appreciated. I will indeed repost my question in one of those discussion groups.

Laura, Communi…

I love this line in your profile:

I like a challenge.. then I bought and renovated a B&B in Blackpool. Now I'm challenged!

Best of luck to you!


Heh Thank you! I absolutely love what I do. Little by little I'm learning as I've never done this previously. I bought a run-down B&B just off the town centre and adore living here. The town is undergoing major regeneration currently, so lots of building works/extension of tram lines, but when works are complete it'll be stunning. I've found being a hotelier incredibly challenging.. I had done a lot of research prior to going into this but nothing prepared me for the realities, particularly as I had to undertake a full renovation of the property prior to opening to the public, which was also terrifying, but as a frequent traveller, I knew what I wanted to achieve and believe I give exceptional value for money, as well as a level of service that is personalised to each guest that stays at my guest house. My friends would definitely consider me challenged, I counter by saying, "I'm eccentric, there's a difference" ;-)