Total Nebie ? regards to auto booking

Hi am am totaly new to this , and my property  advertised on other sites Likes of air B & B , my question is can i set this up where it is not Automatic booking , as i dont want to be double booked on other sites or cross booked i would rather the guest enquire if the date is available first , if that makes sense.


many Thanks

Saad Zyada

Nope as long as you have availability on booking.com it will be booked automatically

The only solution is to setup a channel manager

Brad Payten
The calendar synchronisation is misleading as the calendar doesn't sync, before a booking is accepted.
According to bookings help, the calendar only sync's 2-3 times a day. Thus a booking made on Airbnb may result in a double booking if a guest books a few hours later on Booking.com
You will then have a hassle of contacting the help centre to cancel the double booking for which you will be charged a hefty relocation fee.
Airbnb do it better, at least they ask for your acceptance of a booking before locking it in.
I feel misled and ripped off!
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I agree with Saad Zyada, to use channel manger. But will it be to much cost for your expense, that you have to calculate by yourself.

Or you have to choose one agent only.