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Two bedroom apartment would like to charge for one or two room use rather than per person

Hi all,

In my two bedroom apartment I would like to be able to charge for either a one or two bedroom requirement when there are only two guests staying.

At the moment it is a per person charge, so I would like to be paid for the extra work involved in preparing the second room.

Does anyone have any idea if this is possible on


So you would like to set a base rate for example 4 persons even though the apartment was booked by 2 guests? 

Lee Daris

Thanks for your reply. No I only wish to charge more if two rooms needed. I don’t wish to charge more if two people share one bed.

Isle of Wight …

Most properties are rented out on a per-property basis. We have properties that sleep 4-8 people and the price is set to allow for the 8 people. A property is not cheaper to own if only 2 people sleep there. And if only 2 people sleep there, the other rooms cannot be rented out separately. Most owners see no reason to lose money on a property by discounting for fewer people. Also, we get some bookings for 1 person, but a whole family turns up - this is sometimes people trying to avoid additional "per person" costs by booking an entire property for one person - but it's the same price regardless, so they don't win and we don't lose. So ... always prepare for maximum occupancy, always charge for maximum occupancy, and if fewer than maximum guests arrive, it's a bonus for you!

Lee Daris

Most of my bookings are generally for two people, but the apartment has two queen beds in separate rooms. I don’t want to scare off couples who only want one room by being too expensive, but I would like to be able to lock one room if necessary so that they only get what they pay for.

Isle of Wight …

Should also add .... sometimes we get bookings for 2 people, but they prefer separate rooms .... maybe one of them snores .... or maybe they're friends, not a couple .... whatever it is, it's not our business .... we prepare the property for a full house and don't need to ask or guess whether they will use all the beds or not ....

Jennifer and A…

We had exactly this scenario in one of our chalets in the Alps.


Someone had this idea:


- You create two rooms in the property, one specified as "one bedroom apartment" and the other as "two bedroom apartment"


- In one room description you show only the picture of the main bedroom and in the other room description you add the photo of the second bedroom.


- As soon as one of the rooms is booked, you cancel the other one.  


But the problem with this setup is that someone may book the "two" rooms simultaneously while there's actually only one. It works but it's flawed.


Another solution is to display the room with the option of 1 double bed OR 2 double beds. Most couples click on 1 double bed and so at least you know you don't need to make the second bed.


But I agree with Isle of Wight Vacations that the best practice for our chalets through BDC is to include the price of overall cleaning and only count the amount of guests.