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Two Reservation for same date

Hello everyone,

I've got a quite important issue to solve as soon as possible and no one didn't help, even reply to my message from help center. Maybe you guys know the solution :)

So I have a flat to rent and maximum I can host 4 people in one time. My settings set it up like this, there is no problem with that. I got a reservation for 12-13-14th of October one month ago and a couple of weeks later someone booked the exact same date. So, two different guests booked for the same date and I don't know how to figure it out this. Here is how it looks like:

Thanks in advance,

Bests :)

Thuild - Your …

Dear Bektashmusa,

The bigger question is, what does your room setup look like?

Post a screenshot of that so we can figure out how that is.

Also, how many rooms do you have in the availability section of the extranet?

If you have 2 availability, then of course this is possible to happen easily as you sell 2 apartments with the same occupancy for BDC.


Zsolt -



Thank you so much for your answer.

I've only one room available to book. That's how it is set it up on the and still can't understand how it's possible 2 different guests booked on the same date. Here how it looks like my calendar:

Thuild - Your …

Well, from the looks of it, BDC had a bug which allowed them to book. However there might be other things at play here.

Do you use a Channel Manager? That could somehow mess things up or open rooms for some reason.


I used the Channel manager for one time and this has happened after deactivation of channel manager (I was using tokeet to manage bookings, It's also listed on airbnb)

Most probably Channel Manager caused this but not sure. That's why I wrote to helpdesk but no one is taking care of my problem :(

Thanks for your answer and help though :)