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Two reservations followed by the same person



I´ve two reservatios followed by the same person, in August 2020, it seems a bit strange, maybe the guest could make one of the total period.

Maybe , I guess he´ll cancel one .

I hate cancellations , because on 14 days before arrival, you may not be able to find new ones guests.


Is there anything I can do?



M Adamopoulou

Dear Margarita welcome to the Partner Community.

Four months ago when I had two reservations from same person I send him a message thanking him for his reservations and very politely asked him to confirm if both reservations were correct.  Of course he confirmed only one so he canceled the other one.

Cancellations are very frustrated indeed. Maybe you should also change your policies.  

Wish you all the best.

Margarita Rigo…



Thanks a lot for your help, I'll ask to the guest, and change cancellation terms.

Have a nice week!