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two reservations on the same dates - how to avoid it

hi, i am very new to i started using the platform to feature my listing. I got reservations - two - on the same dates, so double booking. and i dont understand how it happened and how to avoid it. i dont have a tag with availability&rates in extranet. and under Inbox i dont see any options to contact team for help as shown on QA page.

i sent messages to the guests asking to cancel reservation from their side. i hope they read and do as it will be a disaster. and i dont know how the problem happened and what to do to correct it.

Kymberleycarterpaige 4 years ago

Hi I had the same happen to me today and I'm new too. I already had people booked in from on my calendar so it was obviously a software problem on their part. The the guy on the help desk phone tried to tell me I would have to pay the difference if an alternative was more expensive for the guests to stay in. I could understand that if the booking was from someone else and I hadn't synced my calendar but when it was clearing a error I don't see why I should have to pay extra for a software mistake. The man on the phone told me I wouldn't have to pay in the ned I do hope this is the case

Ericoutram 4 years ago

In the rooms window (available )you may have one + 1-

if you get a booking that room is gone (right)

it should then read -(0)+ right

i had a instant book yesterday,the system booked the room (right)

but when I checked the availability window it showed-(1)+

so it showed 1 room available, if I hadn’t closed the system off

you may get double booking ,if been trying to sort their system for a week no success yet

the worst is the syc ,working from a apple 11

there is a video of the ceo

and a office full of people behind her,

she obviously doesn’t want to known what some of them are doing

other than emailing each other

as there no window to contact them other than at there convenience

no complaint window and who addressing that problem and the date received and actioned

they need to monitor there own problems with a availability,booking .com a staff member

to help , ps why do I have to sort out there problem s with there interface

booking windows,availability icon

closing window (edit)

just to name three

I’m a dummy but they’re even more


keep it simple stupid