Type of accommodation

Hi - just signed up to this but I want to change the property description from Guest House to Granny flat / `self catering apartment, how do I do this?

Few other niggles to deal with as well... but that is the main one I don't want to find myself having to cook for guests


Many thanks



Veronika Group

If you want to change the property name, you will need to message B.com CS through the Inbox tab in the Extranet.

Leandri Klopper


If you want to change the Name of the property then yes, only Booking.com can help.

But changing the description of he Room you have to rent can be done through the extranet under Property, Room details.

Best of luck!


Thank you Leandri, I am on the extranet under property and I don't have Room details tab, I have "room amenities" but I can't find the tick for Self-catering.

If a guest do a search for a self catering property he can't see my property. (If self-catering untick he can see my property if on Chrome but not on Fire