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Type of property?

Hello, I have a question regarding the categorization of the object I plan to rent. So it is a house with a big yard, swimming pool, barbecue etc. What interests me is the following, the house consists of ground floor and first floor, the entrances are completely separate. I plan to rent a ground floor (which consists of a three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a rest area) and a yard with a pool, while I would stay on the first floor. I am interested in how to list or categorize this form of accommodation. Thanks in advance.

Don Burns

We rent our house's downstairs space (two bedrooms, full bathroom, and TV lounge).


We call this rental space a "suite."

Matej Aničić

Thank you for your answer, but I don't think suite is a right word for this kind of property. There are two bathrooms I forgot to mention. It's actually a villa but only first floor :D 

If anybody have some ideas..?