unable to download guest review award 2018

I received the Guest Review Award 2018 congratulations email in Jan 2019. However, when we input our Property ID and would like to print the digital award, it said "No award was found for this property ID". Can someone help to clarify if we get the award or not?


M Adamopoulou

Danny Chao welcome to the forum and congratulations for your review award.I think it’s best to call your local BDC OFFICE or send a message request through your Extranet inbox.
Wish you luck.


What M A said. It's probably a bad link that needs fixing.

M Adamopoulou

fluff yes it probably is a bad link. Perhaps BDC can look into it.
Cheers my dear!!! Today our sun is magnificent. Since I woke up I am out and I don’t want to get inside.