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unable to open calendar


My calendar was open for bookings but did state with restrictions.  then when I logged back in...state closed.  I have tried to reopen and I am unable to do so.



Leandri Klopper

Hey Hayleylevey81 ,

Did you receive correspondence from as to why? Also how long was your property open on before the calendar got closed?

There's so many things that it can be. I actually would suggest you Phone and ask them as they will be able to check everything and tell you where the problem is.

Best of luck.

M Adamopoulou

Hello Hayleylevey81 and welcome to the forum. Leandri has given you the right answer. I had similar problems with my calendar. I phoned and they opened my room and adjusted some other information I was trying to fix without luck. I didn’t know until then that they can do that just by phoning them. Wish you good luck.