Unable to register as Host/Partner. Throwing error " Something went wrong" for the past 3 days.

Hello There,

I am trying to register as a host/partner to host my Self sustainable house in aurovile. It is 8 bedrooms. But after I complete all the 100 questions in the form I am unable to submit. After I click "Submit" it is Throwing error " Something went wrong" for the past 3 days.

I tried with my laptop, desktop, mobile and with many different browsers but still the same. Are there anyone facing the same issue ? How to resolve it ? I can no where find Booking.com customer support numbers. The one provided online is always not in use. Pls help. I need to open the guest house in a week time.

Wow Farm House


Now if I sign in to partner account it automatically takes me in to forms section where I cannot see any options like 'inbox' etc... I can fill up before "legal form which last page of the listing form. Once I click submit. I get the error msg.

I spoke to customer service they said it's some internal issue takes time to resolve... But I wonder this is 4 day and the issue is still persist . I'm afraid why booking com have such a poor system takes 4 days to resolve new host  registration

Janita - Accou…

Hi Wow Farm House, 

Please try again next week if this has not worked again today due to an internal issue. I would also recommend ensuring you clear all cache as well. Please reach out to Partner Services directly if you are still having issues. 

Wow Farm House

Cache is cleared.. simply waste of time...

It's a bug in the booking.com system. Today also tried same issue