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Unique code/delete one apartment


i am new to all of this and i registered my apartment few weeks ago, the email said that i should wait for the unique code to activate my business but i never got the code. then i created a new one and it tells me that the code will be sent in September 18 but it is too late because the season has already started and i need to start promoting my apartment now. also i need to delete previous house. please help me ASAP.

thanks in advance 


to delete a property configuration you need to go to 'property layout' on the extranet and will find the delete option.



as regards code you best call customer support as this is a partner forum for sharing tips/advice and is not active here unless to moderate.

Megan Sutton

Does anyone have a valid telephone number for as the one Ive used before asks for my booking confirmation number and 4 digit code as if I'm a guest not an owner - I need to speak to a human at rather urgently.... would very much appreciate a phone number.... Im in Australia...I too was told I had to wait for a code to be sent through by mail to confirm my location for the second apartment I am opening up ...but this has not arrived and the apartment is not appearing on site when keying in request for accommodation in the Forster region... so frustrating .... I need it active to catch the Christmas season of course.... thanks regards Megan  Im on ***