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Unique mail to confirm location of a new listing

I've registered our property and is now going to send me a letter via mail to confirm my location. Problem is there is no street delivery of mail (only post boxes) and we don't live at the property - it is 500 km away. Any ideas of how I can get the unique code to confirm the property location?

Strothershome 3 years ago

The letter can be sent to your P.O. Box, it takes about 5 weeks to receive. We are in a similar situation. “If we use our actual suburb we are placed with Mt Gambier and Whyalla which are No Where near us in Sth. Australia in the searches. So I have our our actual address in the listing so guests can find us via Google maps. I have rang the help line to get the address right for the searches, and the kind operator has commented oh there you are on the 6th page 130sh listings, So I have listed it as our closest town as our address (not our suburb). You just have to do what you have to do. The code doesn’t stop you from getting bookings it’s just a red query on the screen now.