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upper floor room - where does it show?


I've a room that its on the first floor. On the details of the room I've chosen "upper floor" but a guest told me that when he booked he wasnt informed that the room is on a floor. 
I also tried to book the  room for myself to test and it wasnt mentioned that its on the floor. 
Is it shown somewhere and I didnt notice?

Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Alkitheamilos and welcome to the forum.

In your Property tab find Facilities and Services then scroll down and to Building Info, there you can edit number of floors in your property. Maybe this is missing from your listing.

"Building info

Total number of rooms to sell Total number of floors in the building (excl. underground floors)"
Wish you good luck.

Hello and thank you for your quick reply,

True I hadnt add the total numbers of floor. Ive changed it now but still I cant see it when I try to book he room. Do you know where exactly the quest is informed about the floors?

thank you again and sorry for the burden

M Adamopoulou

Please note that in your Property tab you have to go to Amenities scroll all the way down and find Accessibility there you can edit if the property is in ground or upper floor. Sorry I just remembered that you have to do also this.
Good luck.

M Adamopoulou

The guests can see accessibility under facilities when you tick arrow. It’s under the main description.
Don’t forget thumbs up and cheers!!!