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i need a confirmation number to talk to someone from




Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


In general there is two contact info sets, so as long as you are fully registered and can view the Extranet Inbox, you can avail of the privately shared dedicated contact us methods : Message & Phone Number.


Which you use will greatly depend on :


  • Are you attempting to register?
  • Are you someone else such has a potential service partner?


For these two  scenarios above I will refer to as Public Contact Info only available.








Are you fully registered and can see the Extranet Inbox?


This is privately shared and not public, and only for the use of fully registered Partners.

  • Under Inbox is Booking Messages.  
  • Click on it and then on See Contact Options on right pane.  
  • Follow the prompt to choose topic and sub topic.  
  • If you want a phone number to be revealed for your region simply choose other until you see and alternative Contact Us appear and click it to reveal it on right side