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Hi I need urgent help. I made my property live on site today. I received an email to say welcome and congratulations your property is live.  When I go to the link in the email that says view how your listing looks like in I get a message that states: Leopard Rock Bush Lodge is not longer bookable on our site. 


M Adamopoulou

Hi Wilma and welcome to the Partner Community.

Please check if you have opened all your rooms... your room status has to be not in 0.

Edit your Community profile...add your property link so partners can check your status.

You can always call your local BDC office for more support.

Wish you great guests.

Community Admin

Hi Wilma Olivier! Thanks for posting in the Community!


When checking your property on the website, please make sure you've selected correct (available) dates in the search box. Also, please keep in mind the restrictions you might've set up on the Extranet (minimum stay, minimum advanced reservation).

We were able to find your property on the website, it is available for reservations.


Good luck!