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URGENT - I listed my property and have received bookings, but can't see my property on my account.


I listed my property and have now received booking notifications via email, but I can't see my property on my account. What is going on?

I get the notifications in my email that a booking was made, if I click the link in the email I am taken to a page where I log into my account. But my property is no where to be found.

I have attached 2 screenshots to show you what I see on my email and then my account. I had to upload using another site because the uploading images using this contact form does not work.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this problem via email as soon as possible.

This is URGENT! I have bookings that I can't interact with.


Hello Marly Macdonald ,

First clue is here;

Complete registration

Maybe some more information would help?

Do you have just the one property or multiple? 

viktoria baykalova

Did you solve it? Same thing is happenning to me. I may have created 2 accounts accidentaly.