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URGENT!I want to remove this house below from booking!!

please I want to remove this house below from booking...
the guests book and come to us and we dont have access to login in to booking to remove thier reservation and refund trier money back ... please help
 it is as a fake page on booking!!!
remove it please or block it please  
Traditional house in Taroudant Dar Lalla Yacout 

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi BRAHIM SI, if you don't have pending booking or invoices, you can terminate the contract directly from you Inbox. By clicking into Compose a new message, from Inbox -> Messages, you will need to select Account and Terminate Contract.

Just click on Next, and from there, just reply to all the questions the system will ask you (It's just few of them). If you follow it correctly, you will be able to terminate the contract authomatically, without passing thought our Customer Service. Good luck!