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Vacation Rental Hosting Best Practices

Hello Partner Community,

I'm fairly new to and I'm seeking tips to become a great host.  Any advice?

M Adamopoulou

Dear Glenn,

I tried to see your property using your property link in your profile but it directs me to my listing???

Very awkward...I tried a couple of times but nothing changes...

Please have a look and give me feedback...



yeah I just checked it , Glenn has copied an Extranet link into it.


Its the View My Listing link , up top right, 2nd circle menu, is the right one.


and never copy anything after the .html i.e. the ? after it and to the end should be omitted.

Glenn Carter

Thanks for the information link for tips & tricks to become a great host. Also, thanks for letting me know about my rental hyperlink isn’t working correctly.

I’m not sure exactly what link to put there or how to find it. I only assumed that I could just copy and paste one of my links for my rental property from my extranet owner profile. If that wasn’t the way to do it (obviously since it didn’t work), please tell me how and where to find my property link so that I may add it to my profile.

Thanks Madam 🙏 😊